Hello world!

Two Frenchies around the Blue Planet…

This is the first post of our first blog.

If you want to know more,
read here : How it all began


Pretty in pink? no, beautiful in blue!


Felix Vallotton,
Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris

When the sky is not blue…


…then the city has to be!

Happy Blue Year!

An invitation by RATP to celebrate on the Métro ? image

Blue Christmas by Dior

Unfortunately Santa went to this shop without his credit card.
Maybe next year…

Blue like…? (work in progress)

Semi-Marathon de Paris, 3 mars 2013

Notre-Dame de Paris

Le Train Bleu – Paris

Salon bleu Louis XVI – Musée Carnavalet – Paris

Bedford Arms, rue Princesse, Paris